"lifting up the children of our community"

Neighborhood Inspiration

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Today in class, Kent Koth presented to our class the goals and inspiration behind the Seattle University Youth Initiative. He provided us with much needed information regarding the nature of our mural project and the initiative as a whole. As we come to a completed design, we are asking ourselves, “What is the message we are sending with this mural? What is our service?”
As a pilot project, there is no precedent to base our procedure on. As Kent noted, we are serving the micro community of Bailey Gatzert but also the larger communities surrounding the school. With my background in photography, I thought it would be helpful to showcase the many types of housing in the neighborhood. Since we plan on including architecture in our final design, I thought it essential that we include buildings that kids would recognize. The pictures above represent textures, patterns, and buildings that I hope will provide inspiration in the design process.

-Andy Vanderbilt


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